Sunday, January 25, 2015

3 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Clothing

Face it, you dropped some real cash on that new expensive suit and you want to see your investment last for years. Unfortunately, there are a few hidden dangers that can slowly destroy a suit, chipping away at it until it's a formless, threadbare mess. You want to avoid those things at all costs, and fortunately we know how.

Here are our top 3,easy to follow, suggestions that will lengthen the life of your suit exponentially.
No Wire Hangers!
Cheap, plastic or wire hangers are the absolute worst, and no suit should have to endure that kind of pain. These hangers

Monday, January 19, 2015

3 Leadership Lessons From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today, we honor the memory of a visionary leader who changed American culture forever. As many people enjoy this long three-day weekend, take some time to really think about the leadership lessons and the legacy that Dr. King left behind.

The larger-than-life leadership lessons that Dr. King gave the world are as important today as they were during Dr. King's life. 

Lesson One: Total Commitment to Your Cause
Dr. King was a visionary. He was a man who had a dream bigger than the times in which he lived. That is, after all, what real visionary leaders are all about. His "I Have A Dream" speech brought awareness and humanity to the national consciousness about civil rights in America.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Menaji Clear Shave Formula Tackles 3 Steps in One Product

For the past few weeks we’ve had an opportunity to test the Clear Shave 3-in-1 Formula by Menaji. Clear Shave is a revolutionary new product (released in November 2014) designed to speed up the shaving process by allowing a guy to skip the pre/post shave and conditioning processes in one smooth step.

Menaji is a leader in men’s grooming and lifestyle products, offering many innovative solutions to enhance their overall quality of life. Clear Shave continues in that vein as a smart, comfortable, alternative to the “dry shave” (though the product requires no water).

Sunday, January 11, 2015

How to Get Over A Breakup? New Research Offers Advice

Unless you are extremely lucky, sooner or later you'll have to deal with the ups & downs of a relationship, a breakup. 

New research published in the journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science offers concrete advice. So, stick the Ben & Jerry's back in the freezer and step away from the Nicholas Sparks movie marathon. There's new scientific support for a better method of recovering from a nasty breakup: dwelling on it.

We know, conventional wisdom says you're better off destroying the physical evidence of lost love and sealing the memories in a mental vault labeled "Do Not Open, Hazardous Waste!" The research suggests that reflecting on your relationship and breakup may be the better move.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Norelco CareTouch Shaver: Great for Men with Sensitive Skin

Not all men's skincare needs are the same. What works for some guys doesn't work for all, especially for those who are prone to bumps and skin irritation when shaving.  If you experience these issues, you may want to consider picking up a Norelco CareTouch shaver.

The CareTouch does a superb job of providing a smooth, close, shave without the irritation. It does this by shaving the hair just above the skin level.  

Over the past few weeks, I had the chance to use this shaver to do mostly dry shaves, without the use of gels or foams for extra skin protection.  The CareTouch provided an extraordinarily close shave that exceeded my expectations.  Although, the directions say it also does “wet” shaves, with water/foam/gel I didn’t put it through that test.  Because, I of my satisfaction with the “dry” results.

The CareTouch shaver is unbelievably comfortable, smooth, easy to use, and felt great in my hand.  Further, the CareTouch is quite capable of handling all the terrain on a man’s body (take that however you want), with exquisite results.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  

Our wish for you this year is that 2015 bring you abundant blessings, all that your heart desires, and whatever makes your soul sing.   

As always we, at AGB Style, promise to keep it fashionable, stylish, authentic, and fresh.

Friday, December 26, 2014

12 Workout Mistakes You Might Be Making

You’re huffing and puffing at the gym, but still not seeing the results you want. Or maybe you’re constantly getting sidelined with pesky injuries — first you tweaked your knee, now your shoulder is acting up. WTF??? If your progress has hit a plateau, you might be guilty of making one of these common workout slip-ups. Read on for 12 gym mistakes that could be derailing your workout and tips for how to fix them.
1. Not switching up running shoes
If you’re still rocking a 2011 pair of Nikes with a massive hole on the bottom, it’s time to head to the nearest shoe store, stat. Technically speaking, you’re supposed to replace running shoes every 400 to 500 miles — which, if you log a lot of miles, could equate to every three months or so. Because


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